What we offer

ConDigital Enterprise

Establishing a digitally integrated environment in both the office and project sites by managing construction companies and their projects.

ConDigital Cloud

Cloud platform to process and manage your construction projects while providing analytical data.

ConDigital Library

Building digital library to efficiently access data and files of finished construction projects

Calculation & Reporting

Accurate calculation and reporting of progress based
upon projects bill of quantities.

Progress Tracking

Providing detail & summarized information regarding the project progress while comparing it to the initial plan.

Report Generation

Generating Takeoff, Measurement certificate, BoQ,Summary, Payment Certificate, Expense, Analytics Payment report in PDF Format.

Statistics & Analytics

Gain better insights into the projects for better evaluation of their performance.

Cloud Storage

Upload and review designs, documents, photos and files about the project on a cloud database.

Communication Tools

No more crammed emails. Now ConDigital offers seamless channel for message and file transfer between project team members.

Resource Management

Full management of purchase, distribution, and usage of material resources. In addition centralized human resource management.

Financial Management

Evaluate the financial performance of the company by analyzing information about expenses, payments, and profits on each project.

HR & Payroll Management

Simplified management of Companies and project Human resource and handling of payroll and related payments

Purchase & Inventory Management

Administration of purchase, storage, transfer and usage of resources

Accounting & Finance

Providing real time management of the companies financial transactions

Fixed Asset Management

Tracking and maintaining physical assets and equipment's of the company

Attendance & Security

Biometric based tracking of employee and project staff members attendance


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